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 Notices - Please Read
NOTICE! Effective 2/1/2021, your Central Maine Credit Union VISA Credit Card will no longer provide Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver coverage. All other card benefits will remain in place. For descriptions of your card benefits please call 207-783-1475 to request a copy by mail.

NOTICE: IE version 8 and higher is compatible with AnyTime Access. Browsers earlier than IE 8 may not be able to access our online banking.

Did you know you can use AnyTime Access to open a savings suffix or a new share certifcate? It's so easy! Click on Access Accounts, then click on Open a Sub-Account and follow the prompts. In less than the time it takes to withdraw cash from an ATM, you can have a new savings suffix or share certificate (aka CD) on your account. You can choose to transfer money from an existing savings or checking suffix to fund the new savings suffix or you can elect to open the new suffix with a zero balance and fund it later. The certificate must be funded when you open it. We'll mail you the required disclosures for your new account. Save yourself a trip to the Credit Union and open your own savings or share certificate suffix.
Please note that you cannot open a checking account or IRA using this feature.

If you use the Ctrl and + keys, you can increase the size of the font. The more you press Ctrl and + the larger the font will display.

To make the font smaller, simply press Ctrl and -.

You have to use the Ctrl and + keys each time you log into AnyTime Access. The increased font size will not be saved.

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